Character Bible

I went over my character bible, and realized that I have so many characters. I lost count on the number of characters that exist in my novel, but in my opinion that’s a good thing. I plan on writing a series, and since my book is in the fantasy genre the story will not just take place in the real world, my main character will be journeying to a land of magic where there a host of new characters she’ll be introduce to. Some of these characters are going to be killed off, moving the plot forward. Granted, I know having countless characters might be confusing for my potential readers, and yet I think the more the merrier, as long as its reasonable and makes sense to those who intend to read the book.


One thought on “Character Bible

  1. I too create a lot of characters. My only advice, do not try to use them all at once! I kind of think of it as a character pez machine. I can pop one out when I need one! Also, I just realized this would be a great writing exercise. Come up with stock characters, but make them seem so developed they are not stock characters. Hmmm. I recently began working on a television series. There you can have a myriad of fun characters for the viewers to follow. Writing the bible is my favorite part!


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